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The Number One Pressure Washing Company in Mattoon

Mattoon, IL

When your garage is littered with oil and grease spots and your pack porch has rust stains, it may be time for a little cleaning. Cleaning things like gum and deeply set in mildew may seem like a challenge, and that is why Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash offers Mattoon businesses and residents quality pressure washing services. With our pressure washing, your concrete and brick exterior surfaces will get a sparkling shine. Our pressure controlled equipment uses the power of highly pressurized water to cut through layers of dirt and grime. Our methods are precise and our technicians are highly efficient. We are Mattoon’s number one choice for pressure washing professionals.

At Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash we strive to offer the most complete array of pressure washing options available in Mattoon. We clean driveways, sidewalks, garages, brick pavers, brick patios, porches and more. Whatever hardscapes you have around your home, we can restore it to a clean you’ve never experienced. Our pressure washing services transform your exterior surfaces to look brand new. You’ll simply be amazed at what pressure washing can do for your home.

Roof Cleaning for All of Mattoon

We are the Mattoon area’s exclusive source for certified roof cleaners. Our softwashing technique is recognized by roofing authorities to be the safest and most effective way to clean your roofing shingles without any danger of damage. That is because we use a non-pressure method on your roof. The solution we use sets deep into the roots of your roof and kills mildew and black mold while lifting stains right out. We will completely eliminate those unsightly black streaks on your roof. Your neighbors will wonder when you had the time to get a new one installed.

A deep roof cleaning from Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash offers a number of benefits. Cleaning your roof and regularly destroying organic material that feeds on it will extend its life by as much as 20 years. Also, by eliminating the dark spots on your roof, heat won’t gather in those spaces so you will save on energy. Lastly, having a clean and beautiful roof adds curb appeal and can ultimately affect your property value.

Increase Your Mattoon Property Value with Whole Exterior Washing

Before people experience any of your Mattoon home’s interior design, they will see its exterior. Over time siding or wood will gather mildew and other unsightly stains. For awhile these will be easy to ignore, but one day you’ll get a look from farther away and realize your home looks drab and old. The best way to revitalize your home’s exterior is with a whole exterior washing from Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash. Our pressure washing and softwashing methods are tried and true, and we can clean any surface. We’ll clean your pavers, your driveway, your siding, your porch, your deck and your fences. Anywhere where mildew can grow on your exterior, we can clean it. Your house will look new, your exterior will look pristine and you can take pride in your home again. Don’t let your house become dull and lifeless. Call Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash and let us show you what a thorough exterior wash can do for you.

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