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The Midwest’s Top Fleet Washing Experts

Fleet Washing

Your truck or work van fleet is not only a functional part of your business model, but also a mobile representation of your professional image. Like moving billboards, your fleet is seen by hundreds of people as it traverses the roads. That is why it is important they are kept clean. Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash has been providing fleet owners with thorough fleet cleaning services since 2010. At Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash we understand the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle fleet and that is why we offer the most complete and cost effective fleet washing services available. Our fleet washing technicians are efficient and detailed and always professional. You’ll be amazed at how pristine your vehicles look after we are done washing them. That is what makes Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash the best choice in the Midwest for fleet washing services.

There is no need for your drivers to wait in line at truck stops or turn in mountains of expense reports. Contracting Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash for your regular fleet washing takes the concern of keeping your fleet clean out of your hands and gives you peace of mind. It is best to contract a professional so as to avoid over use of soaps and chemicals, possible damage to your equipment, or creating environmental problems. Regulatory bodies have guidelines that restrict cleaning product runoff and the operation of overly dirty vehicles. These are all worries you don’t need, so we’ll handle them for you. Show your clients that you care about projecting a professional appearance and have your fleets washed by Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash.

When a Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash technician washes your vehicle fleet, each of your trucks will be hand brushed clean and all trailers are thoroughly washed out. We also provide aluminum brightening so that your trailers, hitches and other chrome items look sparkling clean. We utilize controlled pressure cleaning so your vehicles get a deep clean without damage to your paint. Whatever your fleet cleaning needs, Midwest Softwash and Pressure Wash will accommodate.

Our Fleet Washing Experts Provide the Following Services

  • Controlled Pressure Washing
  • Trailer Washout
  • Aluminum Brightening
  • Engine Degreasing

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