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Tips For Pressure Cleaning Concrete, Siding, & Roofs

Tips For Pressure Cleaning Concrete, Siding, & Roofs in Midwest Illinois

Cleaning the exterior of your home makes it look better, but it can also rid the surfaces of bacteria and algae buildup. Professional Midwest Illinois softwashing and pressure washing service are the most effective way to clean all types of exterior surfaces.

As a homeowner, you may worry that professional pressure washing will ruin your home’s siding, roof, or concrete. You are right to be concerned because it truly could if it’s done wrong.

Midwest Softwash & Pressure Wash are highly skilled at commercial and residential pressure washing. We have put together these tips for pressure cleaning your Midwest Illinois concrete, siding, and roofs. Just give us a call if you have other questions.

Will Pressure Washing Get Rid Of Roof Stains?

Do you have roof stains on your roof? Some algae stains look brown, some black, and some green. The stain may be due to algae growth or it could be the bacteria Gloeocapsa magma. Both stains are very similar. As skilled pressure washing technicians, we will remove your Midwest Illinois roof stains without damaging your shingles.

Will Pressure Washing Take Care Of Red Stains On Brick Siding?

Have you seen homes, or do you have one, that has funky looking reddish stains on the sides of the house near the bottom portion? This is caused by iron which is present in soil and water.

When it rains, the rainwater or eroded soil can often cause these stains on stucco, brick, rock, or concrete. Some homes look as if diluted red paint had been dripped down from the top all the way to the ground. However, they are generally located near the ground. These red rust stains are very frustrating for the homeowner.

Do you see these stains on your house siding? It may also be on your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio. If so, professional pressure washing will remove the iron rust stains, algae and other types of stains.

About Power Washing Concrete Driveways

Concrete is a wonderful, durable material for a driveway. Unfortunately, it can get really dingy looking. Professional power washing is very effective at removing stains and grime. But it’s important not to damage the concrete. You may not realize it, but concrete is vulnerable to being damaged.

Have you noticed a difference in the smoothness of your garage floor concrete and the surface of the driveway? The garage floor is smoother than the concrete driveway. Both surfaces, no matter how smooth, are porous. It doesn’t seem that it has pores, but you can clearly see them under a microscope.

These pores tell you that the surface can be damaged. Once damaged, the concrete soaks in more water every time it rains. It isn’t long before it starts to crumble and develop other problems.

When power washing a driveway or other concrete surface, the technician has to know what they are doing. Professional pressure washing machines are easily strong enough to damage the porous concrete.

Whether it’s concrete, glass windows, wood, brick, aluminum, or any other material, the right power washing technique is critical. Once something is damaged, it is vulnerable to more damage.

Our Midwest Softwash & Pressure Wash technicians are highly trained and skilled. We make sure we use the technique that is appropriate for the materials we are working on.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Pressure Washing in Midwest Illinois, please call 217-218-6453 or complete our online request form.