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Exterior Cleaning-First Mid-Illinois Bank Effingham, Illinois

Exterior Cleaning First Mid-Illinois Bank in Effingham, Illinois

Recently we were able to help out the First Mid-Illinois Bank in Effingham, Illinois with their exterior cleaning needs. We started out doing a complete roof cleaning to help them restore the longevity of the shingles and increase curb appeal. Then we used a surface cleaner to clean all the sidewalks and went back and removed all the rust on the front sidewalks. We then used a low pressure and a awning cleaner and cleaned up the awnings that were infested with mold/algae. Finally we moved to the back, using our hot water pressure washer and removed old gum and oil stains.

These are common problems that a commercial property will face over time. Individually they may not seem serious, but they add up to really negatively affect your professional image. That is why it is important to maintain your property with quality exterior cleaning.

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